Monday, February 28, 2005

Dude Looks Like A Lady

The moment of truth.

On March 30th, I will be registering for my classes, and I have till then to decide what I am doing about my major...There is so much to weigh into my decision, and I am really really overwhelmed by it, so if you could please pray for me, that would really help.

This weekend was fun and filled with DRAMA! Friday we went to Waikiki and ate at Cold Stone, Saturday morning I went whale counting (for environmental science class), then worked, and then went out to Blue Tropix, a club. It was pretty fun. Some funny stories. No time to talk about it though, so call me! :) Sunday (yesterday), I slept in for a LONG time, because I went to bed around 3:30 on Saturday. I went to church, studied, and worked!

I am planning on giving my two weeks notice sometime this week. I'm just going to miss free ice cream. Yum! Alright, I still don't have a computer, so please call me if you want to talk!!!

Some things that happened at work....

Funny customer:
"Thanks, Ash! Ash is my people."

Most embarrassing moment:
*I was helping a family with a dad and a brother and a sister, who were probably 11 and 13 years old. They were all rather large and the dad and sister had long, messy hair. I made the sister an ice cream and gave it to her. Then I made the brother an ice cream and while I was giving it to him...

Me: Here you go, don't get jealous that her ice cream is bigger...she got a brownie in it, so it made it bigger.
Dad: What did you say?

I repeated myself.

Dad: Him. It's a him.
Me: Oh.

What can you say in the situation?! I wanted to justify myself...Well, sir, he is kind of fat so he has a chest! And his hair is long and he looks like he has blush on. I just thought he was a manly girl. A tomboy!

Instead, I just apologized. The dad said something like, "Hasn't anyone ever seen a guy with long hair?" After the paid me, I proceeded to run back to the kitchen and tell everyone about it. They just laughed! I felt awful and terrible and SO embarrassed.

My manager just kept singing "Dude looks like a lady!"

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Nadiah said...

lol Ash!
I have a funny story about work as well, I'll tell you sometime if I ever see you on AIM!