Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Best Part about Long Distance Relationships

I'm sorry for being a girl but....








I've been waiting 11 months for this.




Monday, June 25, 2007

Since I Can't Sleep Or Anything. I'll Lamely Attempt Serious.

Yeah, so I've sucked a little at blogging regularly. But it's because I've found and been obsessively reading freakin' awesome weblogs like this, this, this, and this. Oh yeah. And this. Whew. It's been busy and fascinating. How in the world can other people read so many blogs AND write on their own? Annnnnd have a life? I'm pretty much amazed.

I've been spending lots of time with the family lately. Since this is pretty much the last time I'll ever be living at home. (!!)

So, we live in the suburbs. There are no real sidewalks outside of neighborhoods, hardly any crosswalks, and public transportation sucks (does it even exist here?). Tonight three of my siblings and I decided to walk a few miles to Subway (and Handels!) for dinner. On the way there, Anthony asked me if I thought our family is "greener" than the average family. Seriously, where does he get these questions? :) We got into a discussion about it and how we could be more "green." At Subway he told the sandwich guy he didn't want a plastic bag for his kids' meal, because he's "green." The teenage boy looked confused. Probably since the suburb we live in? Is called Green.

It's a little strange how "green" is becoming such a marketable word, though. Everything from TLC's "I've Got Nothing to Wear" to Oprah is touting the trendy "green" label. Glamour magazine even did a special for Earth Day. It's so odd. I'm kind of torn as to whether I think it's a great thing that more people are starting to care about conscientious living or if I'm totally skeptical of their insincerity. Fair weather fans, you know? It's probably a bit of both. Because I can't claim to be some hard and sturdy environmentalist who's living her life completely free of consumerism. But at the same time, I constantly find myself slightly sickened by all of this sugar coating of environmental concerns so as to make it more palatable to those who might not want to risk their comfort. I can't resolve how I feel. I vacillate between wanting to reprimand others and guiltily wishing to be blissfully ignorant. :)

Also? Can we talk about how worried I am about kids and technology? Because. Oh. My. Gosh. I don't think kids play outside much anymore. Honestly, in my day (ha! can't wait to say that to my kids...) we played flashlight tag, ghost in the graveyard, football, kickball...anything and everything outside! We knew all of the kids in the neighborhood and somehow we'd always know what was going on. My mom would let us play for hours at a time without really knowing where we were. (I fear I might be slightly more neurotic as a mother...)

Where have all the kids gone? Is it just my neighborhood or does there seem to be less kids outside in general?! Now they've got computers, AIM, video games cell phones, ipods, Netflix and DVR to entertain them for hours. It's so depressing. My little brother and sister aren't even sure how to go about meeting the kids in the neighborhood. So they stay holed up inside, all plugged in to computer and the TV. So the only way they meet friends is through church groups, school, or camps. Which means someone has to drive them to their friends' house - which means more gas money and carbon emissions. :-) Oh dear. I better stop or I'll completely depress myself. I think that people are forgetting how to interact in person - our companionship is being reduced to emails, Facebook, AIM, blogging (!), and don't get me wrong - I think technology is extremely useful. Dude, I am the Google Queen! I have lived in 3 different countries - the internet keeps me in touch with very mobile friends! My fiance lived out West - without our cell phones and Google chat, it would have sucked even more! : ) But I still think that technology can give another way out from true intimacy. Not just with kids, but with adults, too. We don't need to go out and meet the neighbors, let's just stay inside and watch our 1,000 channels on digital cable. But the difference with kids is that they won't know another way.

If I have kids, there's no way they're gonna have cable or video games. I'll kick them out the door, even if they'll be the ONLY kids playing outside by then. :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Walk This Way

Much has been going on!

Leany is off and married in Houston, my wedding is increasingly closer (invites almost all sent! tuxedos picked! shower in 2 weeks! registry finished! etc!) and I am surprisingly getting into all of this planning stuff. Black and white, calla lilies and a little burgundy/red wine-ish are the themes of the wedding. Along with love, sustainability and all things FUN!! :) Being at Eileen's wedding actually made me super excited for me and Mike's wedding. (side note: There is no really great way to word that. Let's review our options, shall we? Mike and I's, Me and Mike's, I and Mike's, Mike and Me''s been a problem when trying to word this. I generally stick with Our Wedding or My Wedding but that just sounds selfish. Anyway...I just had to vent. It's been bugging me.)

Tomorrow marks my first task as the newly appointed Americorps VISTA for Ohio Campus Compact. A conference call at 11:30 am. I'm so so sooo excited to be a part of such a wonderful organization. Idealistic organizations RULE! Plus, I'll get to hang out with kids. :)

Guess what?! Mike is arriving Saturday, June 30th at 9 am. AHHH!!! The 11 month long distance relationship is almost over... It's about freaking time! : ) Can I just say - I am so excited for the future! This month will be full of family and fun, then Mike comes, then family trip to San Francisco, then job training in Chicago, then moving into the apartment in Dayton, then starting my job! Then getting married, then a wonderful honeymoon in New England (full of bed and breakfasts, farms, Ben and Jerrys, and so much more...) *sigh* :)

amy, jamie, me, and craig rocking out at leany's wedding. so. much. fun!

aren't my friends beautiful? i love them

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Life After Graduation.

People keep asking me about life after graduation. After the initial jubilation and sheer excitement of the NOT HAVING TO DO ANYMORE SCHOOLWORK! things have settled a bit. The whole getting-ready-for-a-wedding-in-3-months-and-a-new-job-in-2-months thing is somewhat distracting and keeps me busy.

I graduated at 10am on Sunday, at 9am on Monday, I got a call from Stephanie (lovely mother of 6 beautiful children, whom I have babysat for a few years). So a job basically fell into my lap. I'm working about 4 or 5 hours a day there - eating cereal, making Mac and Cheese, helping them with schoolwork (4 of them are home schooled), swimming, and hugging Anndrea - the SMALLEST 2 year old alive. It's a nice gig and leaves me time to do my own thing.

Our wedding webpage took me a few hours. After which, Anthony promptly dissed. "That would take me 2.4 seconds. Plus, your fonts are kind of boring." Ah, loving brotherly support. My mom and I finished all the invitations and blah blah blah wedding. :) Michael comes in 2 days, WOO! Let's find a place to live.

I need to go fold laundry! make bed! finish watching riding in cars with boys! eat dinner! and hot chocolate!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Decisions Rock!


Thumbs up
Thumbs up for decisions!

Mike and I decided where we're living next year. (Hint: It's here!)

How exciting!!!
anth screamin

Now we just need to find him a job, pray he gets an assistantship next January, find a place to live and finish planning our wedding!!

Oh yeah, aand...I have to survive exam week. T-minus 6 days until graduation. Too much excitement, I can't handle it!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Study Days = Another Post!


But instead, I am writing on this thing. Study days at the my school are a few days when studying doesn't really happen. What happens is people drink and procrastinate and sleep in and eat breakfast with their roommates and watch too much TLC and eat too much cereal. Or maybe that's just me. :) I have an exam on every day but Monday next week. And three papers to finish. And then? I'm an effin' college GRADUATE.

Sometimes I hate being a woman. See? Stupid cute shoes! Why must you tempt me? I should know better.

Next. SUNDAY. I GRADUATE NEXT SUNDAY. Last night I was volunteering at a soup kitchen and was talk to another volunteer - a businessman in his 40's who graduated from my college 22 years ago. We were discussing how expensive the school is, and he said, "Well it's all worth it...if you can get gainfully employed, of course!" and gave me a hearty laugh.

I stopped drying the industrial size metal pan I was holding and wanted stay say, "Dude, I just told you, I'm working with inner city youth at an education center next year. Do you think I will be "gainfully employed" EVER?? Don't you think the ways I grew and changed because of what I studied is valuable or is it only getting a well-paying job?" Now, granted, this man was volunteering his Tuesday evening at a soup kitchen, so he's not an evil-spirited, money mongering man (unless it's, like, his way of making up for a DUI? yep, probably a DUI, he did go to UD after all :) Gosh, how much of tangent am I going on here? Speaking of Tangent, I have one. Our school makes us buy them. They SUCK. But at least we get free computer care while we're here. And that has meant a new hard drive, with backed up files!, and a new CD-Rom drive. It's been a rough four years for Lappy. I'm really going wild with these links. Sorry! You just know it's because I'm procrastinating.)

Do you still remember what I was talking about? The guy at the soup kitchen? Gainful employment? Anyway, I, for one, am pretty darn happy to be making next-to-nothing but working towards a more just future in whatever little ways I can. (Check back in a year to see if my youthful idealism has faded. But am marrying an even bigger idealist, so I'd guess not)

How's this for youthful idealism?

Tara (right) and I, circa 1987. (I was actually a little bigger than her at this point! Didn't last long)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why I Love to Run

The first few steps out of my house and onto the sidewalk fill me with a sense of freedom. I'm leaving my house behind, with all its worries and responsibilities. I am doing something for myself, something besides the endless barrage of schoolwork that hangs over my head. My feet pound methodically on the pavement and my breathing falls into rhythm with my stride. The darkness surrounds me, so as to give me privacy and time free of distractions. This time is truly a mental break from the world. The nighttime is my absolute favorite time to run. It's just me, the road, and the darkness. The cool darkness means I have the streets to myself. A handful of cars might pass me, but they can't see me. I am alone.

Since I've been running for a while now, I'm able to run a few miles without being distracted by the pain of it. I don't usually count down the minutes until I'm done, because I don't even think about the fact that I'm running. It's almost like my body is running so my mind is free. At the end of the day, I can process what happened, what I need to do tomorrow, and what I want to do five years from now. I have resolved arguments, planned out my day, written a paper in my head, and prayed while running. I have learned to face myself more and to take the critical action of really thinking about myself and my day. Instead of plodding through day after day without pausing to take it all in, I am able to withdraw from it all and ponder.

I feel good about myself when I run. I feel healthy and strong and able. Able to push myself and do something. And sometimes, I'll admit, I feel smug. I do. Not that I'm the world's greatest runner or even that I have talent as a runner. But that I am committed to something. I am committed to trying to be healthy - and running is the best way for me to do that, both physically and mentally. :) Running gives me this inexplicable surge of hope and euphoria. I just feel so in control of my life, so in tune with God, and just really at peace. Even if I go on a run because I am totally pissed and I need to get my frustration out, I end up feeling better. It's amazing.

Running isn't about competition or goals for me. I run when I want to and don't when I don't. I might improve a little now and then, but overall, I'm not a fast runner, I don't run everyday, and I can't run forever. But no one knows, no one judges me, it's MY thing. And that's what I love. I hope I'll be able to do it forever.

Monday, April 23, 2007

13 Days Till Graduation!

With the warm weather, I've been cranking up my Jack Johnson lately. It's been a difficult time lately with problems in personal life and more schoolwork than is sanely possible to complete in the next 9 days (SEVEN papers then FOUR exams. insert desperate whine here). However, I wanted to post this hilariously awesome video because I think the world should see it! (Spoiler: If you can't stand Ben Stiller, don't watch ;-))

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stop This Train

Honestly, won't someone stop this train? - John Mayer

So many thoughts running through my mind.

So, I was going to post a bunch of hilarious stories from this wonderful weekend at home, but heart is really hurting right now and I'm just not up for it.

Guster and Norah Jones soothe the soul.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Answering Questions...the future and shopping

This morning I took a mini-retreat and skipped two classes. I went to the house where I'm house sitting, took a bath, journaled, did the laundry, took a nap in a wonderful bed, made coffee, and watched The View. It was an amazing morning, and it was nice to have some much needed space and time to myself.

...and continuing with the questions.

2. What is one thing in the coming months to which you are looking forward?

Oh wow. Well, I will be graduating in TWENTY FOUR days, and getting married in 4 months -- so it's safe to say the next few months will be a time of total change. I will be moving out of this house where I have lived for 2 years, leaving the school where I have attended the longest (previous record was three years), getting a real full time (?) job, and moving in with a boy! Having a wedding where 250 people watch me walk down the aisle!! Oh crap, this is making me all anxious.

Most of all, I am looking forward to knowing what happens next. At this point, the future is quite unclear - we're not sure where we'll be and grad schools haven't gotten back to us. So certainty and beginning a bit more stable life will be wonderful. :)

3. What is your most hated thing for which to shop?

Anything at the mall. Honestly, I have really come to dislike the mall because it is overflowing with young teens who are decked out in Abercrombie and are desperately attempting to draw the attractions of the opposite sex. It's all a little depressing and disturbingly shallow - consumerism and capitalism as a whole are really present in my consciousness lately as troublesome institutions. So I guess I don't much like to shop for anything, especially when my money supply is unquestionably scant. :) Groceries are pretty much my weakness. Trader Joe's makes me weak in the knees. Social responsibility AND healthy choices, gotta love it. I feel like that was an incredibly cynical and pessimistic answer. Sorry! :)

Well, that's all I've got for tonight. The other two questions should be coming soon. I'm heading up to Akron for a few days -- so peace out!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Banana Pancakes is On Repeat in My Head

Back. Totally not ready to be in class. But 11 more days. Yeehaw! :)

Thanks to the lovely Teacher Jane, I have a reason to write. :) (Easter break in Denver will be another reason!) Amidst a week with three papers, house-sitting, and a full-day conference in Columbus - I'm answering questions! Yay!

1. What is one of your favorite holiday traditions?

As a member of a large, extremely close knit family - my mom is the oldest of 8, my dad number 11 out of 14, and I am the oldest of 5 - there are so many traditions for every holiday. If weddings were a holiday, they would be my choice by far. Weddings in my family are full of children, dancing, and laughter. A photographer at my aunt's wedding in 2004 said it was the most fun he had ever seen at a wedding reception, if that convinces you. :) Holidays are such a wonderful thing, and I am convinced I have the best family ever. Not in a cocky way, it's just that I seriously have the greatest family I've ever heard of. My mom had 6 younger sisters, all of whom are in their 20s and 30s and a brother who is the same age as my fiance. So these women are like sisters and mothers to me, and their many children are the cutest kids I've met. I am the oldest of 22 grandchildren, with 8 of them less than 5 years old! :)

It makes for some very fun holidays- full of Chuck E Cheese's visits, sharing the same twin bed as my little sister, babysitting, thrift store shopping sprees, and hours of talking. Being in a female-dominated family is wonderful in so many ways, mostly because I think females are so much more interested in discussion, sharing, and expressing love. :) Corny, but I honestly don't know who I would have been without these women in my life. My Aunt Mel, who when I was crying over a fight with a friend in high school told me I was more mature and would really thrive in college. My Aunt Natalie, who called me her favorite when I was little and taught me the words to "Ice Ice Baby." My Aunt Julie, who was a living example of faith, who made being Catholic so freaking awesome I wanted to learn more and more. My Uncle Nick, whom my friends were in love with and who was a leader on my 8th grade retreat, an amazing example of love. My other aunts, who are wonderful mothers and sisters, they all strive to live healthy and holy lives. :) I apologize for totally going off on a tangent, but I just realized how lucky I am!

But, I imagine that a generic answer like "the loudness, many babies, and general amazing family members I have" is not good enough for somebody. So, I will give a boring answer to that person -- my favorite holiday tradition is that every year my dad HAS to wear the Santa hat while he passes out presents. No one else can pass out presents or even LOOK AT THE TAGS GOD FORBID. My dad, however, is an extremely slow, ahem, conscientious person - so this process takes for. ev. er. It's really cute though, because I think it makes him happy. Oh! And I also love that my siblings and I get each other presents for Christmas, and we exchange them on the morning of Christmas Eve. I have a sister in middle school, high school, and college - and a ridiculously dorky, adorable 6th grade brother, so buying gifts for them is so much fun. And none of us have much money, so we don't have to worry about that. Seriously, Anthony shops at the dollar store. And it's fun to see what my siblings chose for me. (This Christmas? Noxema from little brother, a shirt that says "Be Kind, Feed the Birds" because it's 'humanitarian' from sister 2, hair gel and mousse that I always steal from sister 3, and an awesome picture collage of my little cousins and me from sister 1.)

Okay, wow. I did not expect to answer this one so long! So, I think I will do the other questions later, these are such thought-provoking questions. :) Good night, loves.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Is Senioritis Curable?

Because I'm really beginning to think it's not. And it worsens with time. There is a positive correlation between temperature and senioritis. As the temperature increases (and sunshine!) senioritis and un-productivity increases. Anyway, I think I'm just trying to pacify my guilt.

Now let me just say, when I used to write about Hawaii - my life was exciting! I'd go hiking, skydiving, swimming, to the beach, party in super nice houses... This weekend? Was DULL. Now, granted, I was pretty sick Saturday and much of Sunday. I slept most of Saturday, minus watching The Holiday - a pretty well written romantic comedy. But I must admit, I am increasing aware, and subsequently quite annoyed, of the cheesiness of Hollywood romance. As a child and teenager, I used to figure that love was actually that perfect once you found Mr. Right. However, real-life relationship experience has taught me that there is no magical relationship and there is no magical place where everyone finds someone and falls in love. Not to be cynical or overly realistic - but I think we're setting innumerous women up for disappointment and the inability to sustain a healthy relationship. Women, and some hopelessly romantic men, are being disillusioned to think that when the right one comes along, it will all work out.

And that's what bugs me about Hollywood romantic movies. I know, I know - I take it too seriously, I need to learn to suspend reality, blah blah blah. It's just that I've seen women I love hurt because of these lies. That's all!

On to lesser things - Mass was fantastic yesterday - complete with all the wonderful characters I've come to love at Immaculate Conception. I have not gone to a Sunday campus mass in well over a year. It seems to me that it's so much richer a sacrament experienced in the presence of families, of young children, of older folks -- the rainbow of God is beautiful! (Corny, I know.) Satish said something that really tugged at me and fit in perfectly with a lot of the discussions I've been having lately:

To the extent that we participate in any of these evils we act contrary to the will of God. To the extent that we become passive bystanders we shirk our responsibility to truly value the God given dignity of each person."

Passively participating is not a good option. There is so much on mind -- particularly a conversation we had with my roommate's friend who is a soldier just returned from Iraq. It didn't exactly give me much confidence or make me feel better about the future of our country or...okay, that's all I'm going to say.

I sat next to a 38-year vetern teacher in Mass last night. 38 years! I cannot imagine doing ANYTHING that long. Amazing. We talked about the importance of caring for your students and how affection goes a long way in affecting a child's life. Honestly, I cannot imagine a day without children. I cannot imagine not being surrounded by children for the rest of my life. Their honesty, their love, their humor, their entire life I've been drawn to care for children. Whether it was in 5th grade, when I created a "preschool" for neighborhood toddlers (somehow, parents actually paid me!? and i actually researched for lesson plans!) or babysitting since I was 12, I have been inexplicably drawn to children. I don't know what it is - but I feel really called. Maybe it's just to being a mother - maybe to being an educator - maybe to being an advocate. But I feel the nudge. :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

panic attack slash jubilation

cute, slobbery cousin :)


Spring Break has come and gone, and my life is still going full speed! It was a wonderfully relaxing 10 days with Michael, chock full of wedding planning - registering at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond, tuxedo rental shopping, checking out caterers, showing Mike's parents what we (okay, my mom) have planned, and figuring out invitations, and blah blah stuff.

We also had some adventures, like getting our engagement pictures taken (we were not able to stop laughing as the photographer made us look into each other's eyes...:) - then my little sister called to say her battery died while she was in class. So we left the mall to go help her jump her battery at her college - 45 minutes later, we left (with a newfound respect for my mom - she's such a handy woman!). We got home to little brother-caused toxic fumes from a 9x13" Tupperware completely melted in the oven. He didn't look before preheating the oven for his frozen pizza. So he and Mike spent a long time chiseling the plastic-coated racks. The next few days, the house was filled with these awful fumes every time the oven was turned on. When Anthony's friends came over for the day, they ate under the table to avoid the fumes. I got so dizzy I had to go down into the basement. That's really healthy.

Chipping away
anthony loves his new big brother.

Mike finally finished his Masters' practicum. YAY!!! He had to print out all 70 or so pages of it - he did a men's group and a thesis on men's spirituality. Very cool. Very glad it's all over! Although going through the binder reminded me of all those Mondays last semester that I spent helping type and copy to prepare for his group. Good memories. :) I really miss having him around. (Mushy, sorry!)

he loves when i take his picture.

It was great getting to spend time with family. I love them a whole lot, even though they can be crazy. Anthony (computer-obsessed brother) created Sims characters of Mike and I, and spent the week trying to increase their levels of attraction for one another. I am happy to announce that our Sims are now engaged. :) He also followed Mike around like a puppy - reading jokes ( like yo momma's so fat that when she goes to the movies she sits next to everyone...and my personal favorite: two cows were grazing in the field. one cow said to the other "you know, i'm really worried about this mad cow disease." the other responded, "why should i care? i am a helicopter. whee!" ha! it's hilarious!) and begging him to recite episodes from The Simpsons.

In all, it was a ton of fun and great to see him. :) I have lots of things I need to work on - less than 50 days till we graduate!!!! AH! {panic attack slash jubilation} Peace out.

diva teen
pretty much sums up Emmie's latest diva-attitude teenage girl stage. it's fun.

i like him. (ignore how pale i am. is it summer yet?)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

What A Beautiful Mess I'm In

Hectic crazy life! WAH! (Lately I've been saying "waah." It's less of a whine and more of a me acknowledging how annoying and whiny I'm being. :)

So, I was sitting in class, not paying attention - as so often happens and I calculate the amount of my time not occupied by necessary obligations (and running!), and I came up with 13 hours a week. That is 13 hours to do GOBS of homework, get dressed, clean, and attempt to have any fun social life whatsoever. 13 measly little hours a week. "Not fair!" I say. But, I guess it feels good that I am spending lots of time "awakening my consciousness" and not constantly succumbing to our default setting of laziness.

I had an Existentialist Philosophy exam today, and I find the concepts absolutely fascinating. Nietzsche's challenges to Christianity and his implications on the individual and collective potential of humankind are honestly riveting. It seems as though the threads of learning in my various classes are so intertwined, it is making for a fantastic semester. It makes sense that as we become more and more absorbed in a world of television, technology, celebrities, and general noise - the more we move away from pursuing the things that matter, the things that drive us and awaken us. Okay, I must stop crapping along. Who'd ever have guessed that I'd be blathering about philosophy? ME? But I freaking love this stuff.

Sooo, remember how my eye looked sooo nasty a few days ago? Well I went into a dining hall (because I'm a secret shopper, not like I'd chose to eat nasty, overpriced food) to get a sandwich. I approached the counter and the exchange went something like:
Ricky: Oh my GOD! What happened to you?!?!?
Me: Um, uh.....OH! My eye?
Ricky: YES! What the...what? [yes, apparently, I was so grotesque I took his breath away.]
Me: Oh, it's not a big deal. It's called episcleritis. [why oh why did I feel the need to explain this to the deli guy?] It means I have a tear on the sclera of my eye...Yes, the scelra...The white part...
Ricky: Oh wow. Okay, honey. What you want me to make you? I'll make you anything you want.
Other deli guy: Anything she wants? You mean you'd make her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich if she wanted it? [Apparently, peanut butter and jelly is a Big Deal, yo.]
Ricky: Baby, you want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I'ma make it for you.
Me: Wow, thanks. But you know what, I think I'm just gonna stick with a veggie sandwich...

Was he hitting on me? Why would I want a PB and J? Did he pity my demon eye? Maybe it was fear. Probably fear.

Last Thursday, I had a Human Sexuality Exam, so after waking up at 7am on Thursday - I realized I had lost the study guide. Now, I had not cracked the book for the class, so the study guide was really going to be my saving grace. So, crap...what do you do? Call an acquaintance you barely know at 7:30am (how cruel am I!?), wake her and take her study guide! I was soon studying happily in Starbucks, when I realized there is no real way to study the subject in public without feeling strange. Here I was, among all the stay-at-home moms with their toddlers, the business men with laptops and in meetings, and the retired couples and friends...with my book open to LARGE pictures of...ahem...male and female reproductive parts. REAL PICTURES. I sort of studied with the book half closed, so as not to draw the suspicion of any wandering eyes. (Starbucks can be a very friendly place. More than once someone has struck up a conversation with me about what I'm studying...) But then, I realized the front cover was questionably worse, showing a blurry picture of a naked couple embracing. So no matter what, I'm gonna look like a pervert. That's when I decided to stick to my study guide. :)

Mike and I also got into a debate over Starbucks last week. :) He sees no redeeming qualities in it whatsoever, to which I maintain: social responsibility! biggest purchaser of fair trade coffee! great worker treatment and benefits! and other such reasons! to assuage my conscience as I sip a tall, organic milk, caramel macchiato...or latte...or sugar free Cinnamon Dulce...or cappuccino. Dear God, I am addicted. Support group?

Also, if you can - watch The Corporation - a really well-made, informational, provocative film. And responsible for me swearing of all rBGH milk; because, DUDES, that shit has caused cancer in lab rats and is banned in all developed countries EXCEPT THE U.S. Seriously wrong.

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Slushy, Achy Day

First of all - I feel SO vindicated about watching Beauty and the Geek yesterday before Mass (a marathon was on MTV all day) - the priest began his homily by telling how he was snowed in and ended up watching Beauty and the Geek!! He connected the idea of the show to religion by explaining that our actions must not only be favorable to God but also those individuals around us. There was a twist in the final show wherein the contestants were judged by the former beauties and geeks, a la Survivor. Needless to say, I was cracking up laughing in the pew and went up to talk to Father Satish about it afterwards.

My car is still stuck in the snow! It was 40 degrees today, so I thought I'd be able to squeeze right out of the slushy snow. Uh-uh. After attempting to break up the snow with a broom handle (hey, we're in college and shovels cost money, people!) my roommate scrounged up a board to place under the stuck tire. After breaking the board three times, we gave up and I called a coworker to get a ride to work.

In future news, I learned all about my benefits/salary for the job offer I might accept for next year. It was totally exciting. I also got to talk to fiance Michael a bit this morning. It feels odd to be so far away. Because, like, I forget what it's like to be around him. Does that make sense? I don't know, it just seems like so long since we've been together and relaxed and...Long distance is for losers! So there.

Well, I have a test tomorrow. Haven't cracked the book. Haven't looked at the study guide. Hello, senioritis.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Watching Beauty and the Geek Marathon. Don't Judge Me.

This weekend was so much fun. Katie, my great friend from high school, came down and stayed with me because she had an interview. We ate a WHOLE LOT (Ben and Jerry's, Starbucks, Christopher's, Chipotle, P.F. Chang's...all in 2 days.) My plan is to substitute a Fat Weekend for Fat Tuesday. :) I think it's a fad that will totally catch on.

I'm seriously looking forward to Lent, I need a good spiritual kick in the butt. A boot camp, you know? I'm going to not watch TV, as I do every year. Which is a bit difficult, considering I have gotten into a few shows. But I could use time to read a few good books, I recently got a few new ones, quite exciting. And since my lovely fiance discovered this website, I feel a renewed excitement for wedding planning. I was seriously disgusted by the wedding diva world, and overwhelmed by the pressures to create a fancy, crazy huge event which would impress people. Mike and I are totally not pretentious, fancy, or super formal people. We are aspiring hippies :) and completely down to earth.

The rest of the weekend will involve Mass, running, and lots of homework! Test on Tuesday, paper Monday and Wednesday, hundreds of pages to (not) read...Oh the senioritis I have. It's seriously a disease. Sort of like the episcleritis in my eye. That's what it is, by the way. Beautiful, huh? Apparently, I have a small tear in the white part of my eye (the sclera). And it happens mostly in 30-60 year olds. Nice, eh?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

back to the blog. back to reality.

in an effort to use less energy, i'm going to be online less, so i'll blog more. :)

the good:

- the kitchen is sparkling clean!
- business ethics class was canceled AGAIN. (which means i had a total of 5 out of 12 classes this week)
- KATIE DUDEK is coming tomorrow (to hang out AND to rock out her interview!!)
- 3 weeks from tomorrow = MICHAEL

the bad:
- trying to park the car in snow drifts, spinning out like crazy. can't wait till 50's next week. geesh.
- a HUGE raccoon on Irving. huge, people. so big and rabid-looking it required the police to come and....stand around watching it. hmm.
- i reallllly miss this from two years ago:

Just Waikiki


now, all i have is this:

the ugly:
- my right eyeball. more specifically, the right half of my right eyeball. it's beautifully red and irritated. yummy, huh?
- appointment with the death center tomorrow!