Saturday, March 19, 2005

Easy As A-B-C

I haven't updated this in too many days...not a ton has been happening - but I thought I'd do a little ABC's instead of rambling ::

A: Alexis picked Kat up from the airport today
B: The grade I am getting in Statistics because I forgot we had a test yesterday.
C: My contact is stuck in my throat because I swallowed it yesterday.
D: Down to Earth is a natural foods store that is really yummy
E: Elizabeth Corsetti is a nice girl who I haven't talked to in a while
F: French fries from McDonald's are taste yummy but are deadly (I watched Supersize Me!)
G: Got money from work today...yesss...
H: Hot chocolate at Denny's last night! mmm
I: Ingrid wrote me an email, and I haven't heard from here in TWO years
J: Just seven more weeks on this gorgeous island
K: Kathryn Elizabeth Morris is sleeping in my bed!!
L: Lent is almost over...can't believe it's almost Easter!
M: Mike is the best
N: Nutrition classes sound fun...
O: On a Marine base is where we went today
P: We had pizza at the Cheesecake Factory tonight
Q: Quit my job at Cold Stone!
R: Relaxation is going to be awesome for spring break
S: Sunshine and sand are nice :)
T: Tijuana is where Mike is right now
U: Unfair!! I watched Pay It Forward and the ending was so unfair it made me cry :(
V: Victoria's Secret is nowhere in this state!
W: Walking everywhere is good for you...
X: Xcited to spend time with Kat! (yeah...that was lame!)
Y: Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and I didn't wear green!
Z: Zooxanthellae is a hard word to pronouce (it's algae found in coral reefs)

Friday, March 04, 2005

Hello, Operator. Give Me Number 9!

A milestone event in my time here at Chaminade University has occurred...

I made it an entire week without missing ANY of my classes or labs!!

Thank you, thank you. I know it's amazing....

This week has been pretty uneventful (see, that's what happens when you attend class!) I worked Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday - closing all three days! I also put in my two weeks notice (which I was super worried about, but was fine!). I went to Starbucks one night to study. I really love that place, even though it's about 10 degrees COLDER than Dayton!

I complain too much. Sorry, I'll work on that.

I wish I could take a month off life and just work on all my flaws. Okay, so maybe I'd need a YEAR off life.

Melanie emailed me and asked me to be her confirmation sponser. Yay! I love that girl SOOOOOO much. And I miss her. Family is really the best invention ever. :) Thanks for that, God!

I'm sorry I don't have any funny stories or things to share. I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive. :)