Monday, January 31, 2005

I'm Not a Player, I Just Blog A Lot

I feel so blessed today!

I don't know where to start, because I just am so happy to have so many wonderful people in my life. I got to talk to Kat, Mike, and Craig today - even though it was only a short time each, it was still nice to hear them! Nice, not a good word...(Eternal Sunshine!)

My day wasn't spectacular, but I just feel so content and happy...I had a great day at work, made friends with a 18-month-old named Tooey, went to mass where Fr. Ken gave a great homily, talked to some UD friends, got in touch with Jenna - my best friend from middle school in Bangkok, had a really good talk with Shannon, and interrogated a Marine.

Oh yeah, and I'm still in Hawaii.

That's pretty freaking awesome.

How will we ever leave this place?

I really liked work, because I am learning more and getting more experience. My favorite part is talking to the customers and making them smile. Like, maybe they just expect to come in, get some ice cream, and leave. But I want them to be happy and feel really welcomed! Wow, can someone say DORK!? Or overachiever??

Alright, well, it's time for this girl to do some Astronomy and clean the kitchen and bathroom floors!

Shout-out to:
Craig, for having the worst cell phone ever.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

North Shore!

Rachel, Shannon, and I found this cave while we were at the beach, and we crawled under these rocks!

Surfing at North Shore. Sweeeet!

Let Me Be the One You Need

I could try not to make you guys jealous and say that Hawai'i isn't really all that great. That it's just like Dayton with a little more sunshine and a beach. But I'm not gonna lie, it's great! Even just being able to leave at 12am and go find stuff to do is awesome. And the fact that I can wear shorts and t-shirt at night in January and not freeze...well, that's amazing, too! I know I probably sound like a little kid in a candy store, constantly marveling at all this.

Alright, so let's talk about what I did today. Camping Club! Chaminade Camping Club is basically a guy, Sam, who drives us around the island and teaches us about the Hawaiian culture and history in a big van with lots of people. Sam...where do I start? As Shannon says "He's part monkey...or part wolf...but he has such a good heart!" He is from Detroit and Hawaii...a weird combination. He loves his rap a lot, I wish you guys could see him dancing while driving the van! He also loves the ocean like no one I've ever seen. He could spend all day with his body board and flippers, fighting against the huge waves. He doesn't walk anywhere, he just runs. It's fun to watch him enjoy everything so much. By the way: he totally can't drive. I fear my life when he drives.

Anyway, today we went to Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Hawai'i, which is known for its HUGE it's website says:

But during the Winter - watch out - even the most experienced of water persons and surfers think twice before entering the waters or even going near the shore break when the swells are large and fast and deadly.

It was crazy! The lifeguards kept announcing warnings about keeping children away from the coastline, because the riptide was so powerful. The waves were probably like 15 feet tall. Just really big! There weren't many surfers because it was really dangerous since it stormed this morning. It was cloudy when we first got to the beach, but it cleared up and we got to enjoy some sun.

We didn't go in the water (except Sam, of course!). But we were standing like knee-deep with a few friends, joking about how I was too little to be in the water. Then, it all happened so fast - a big wave came and just totally knocked me off my feet, then it was dragging me back into the ocean. Luckily, Mark was right there. He grabbed my arm, keeping me from getting dragged back into the ocean. However, the wave also took my bathing suit off!! I won't go into details...It was a little embarassing, but more scary! I seriously would have been shark food if it weren't for Mark.

In other news...I wish I could be there to be with Kat right now (my UD roommate, in case you don't know me. but if you're reading this and you don't know me, that's a little weird.) To help her and cheer her up and hug her...I was listening to Phish today, and this song "If I Could" really reminded me of her, how I feel helpless being all the way over here, but I just want her to be happy!!.

Take me to another place, she said
Take me to another time
Run with me across the oceans
Float me on a silver cloud

If I could I would, but I don't know how
If I could I would, but I don't know how
If I could I would and I'd take you now

Shout out to:
Mark - for saving my life.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Why Not Kiki?

Rachel, Me, Mike Nice, and Vicky on Waikiki (right before singing "Happy Birthday" to some guy named Jason)


Sorry it has been a few days since I've updated this thing. It means I'm having fun, right? :) I'll give you a quick rundown of Thursday and Friday...

Thursday I had classes from 8 until 12:30, but I skipped my Statistics class from 11-12:30 because I wanted to go to the beach! So I came home, ate lunch and laid on the beach until work at 4. Yeah, work at Cold Stone Creamery. That place is weird! They train you in like a million different things, acting like you're doing the most important work in the world. They expect you to memorize all these ice cream combinations and what exact words to use with the customers...and I'm getting paid less than I did at Stuart Housekeeping! I am scheduled to work again on Sunday at 1, but I'm thinking of just quitting before then. I mean, if worse comes to worse, I can always get a job at Abercrombie stocking clothes. It's 8$ an hour and less demanding!

Anyway, enough boring talk! I talked with the roomies a little, and I talked to Mike for a LONG time on Thursday night. :) It was awesome and made me so happy and thankful! Oh, and I might be changing my yay! (::more about that later::)

Friday, I had only one class - from 1 till 2. I gave a speech on how to do laundry. I prepared for 2 minutes. Such a good student. Then I talked to E and Kat and some other people online...Before stopping by St. Augustines. Then I went to Waikiki beach around 6 to call my family and watch the sun set. It was pretty cloudy so it wasn't all that beautiful. My mom was good, it's nice to hear them all. I miss them SO much less this semester than I ever have before. I've only talked to my family 2 times in 3 weeks. I told my mom I think I'm going to be a vegetarian and she said "Am I supposed to be surprised?" Yeah, I guess I've kind of hated meat since I was like 12, so it's not that weird. Got to talk to Mel and Emmie and Anth too. I love those kids. They are sooo growing up though! Then I went to 24Fitness and worked out really hard. It felt good!

We went to Date Street last night...We played Uno. Then around 12, everyone was getting bored and tired, so Vicky, Rachel, Mike Nice and I headed down to Waikiki. We just walked along the main strip and saw some sweet stuff. Like these guys freestlying and playing drums. And a sax player. And some gay guys who were drunk and funny. And we sang "Happy Birthday" to a guy at the Cheesecake Factory. We were hungry around 2, so we found a Dennys and ate some food. It was a fun night! We got back after 3, and I didn't really want to ride home alone that late, so I just slept in Vicky's room. Thanks, Vicky!!

Now we're going to go to North Shore with the Chaminade Camping Club. I'll tell you more about it when I come home!

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?

I am very frustrated with this ssssstupid thing! It just deleted my post TWO times. (Okay, so the first one was my fault - but not the second one!!) I have no time to talk about my day - because I have to write a paper for tomorrow's 8am. That means I wake up at 6:30am.


I am not actually very happy right now. :-(

Mostly because I had a conversation tonight that left me feeling selfish.

Well, goodnight....backdoor lovers! (name that movie, anyone?)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I Dare You to Move

So today I had my interview with Cold Stones! It was a 2 hour interview, complete with singing. There were 6 of us interviewing - a guy from Maryland who moved here with his girlfriend, a guy from Texas who was a cheerleader for Chaminade University, a man who works on tugboats in Alaska, a woman from Bulgaria who is learning English and moved here a year ago, and a woman who was born and bred here in Hawai'i. It was so fascinating to be able to hear all their stories - we had lots of time to talk to each other. It was a fun interview. Kind of strange how we had to answer questions like "What is your best character trait?" and "What do you need to work on?" in front of everyone. Not to mention having to sing *alone* a song. I went first. I can't actually believe it - singing on the sidewalk of Waikiki all by myself. :-P She also asked us what flavor of ice cream we would be and why. Guess what I answered?

Anyway, she called me tonight and I got the job! Which is definitely awesome. However, I would rather work at 24Fitness - a gym where I could get free membership, or Down to Earth - a natural foods grocery store where I get a discount on groceries...Or even Pizza Hut! I have a phone interview with 24Fitness tomorrow, but I haven't applied to DTE or Pizza Hut yet. I think Pizza Hut might be easier than working at Cold Stones. It's closer and less stressful...I think! Plus, pizza is better for you than ice cream, no? Tell me what you guys think!! Ideally, I'd work at 24Fitness or DTE, because those are 'healthier' jobs...who knows what is a good job though! It's nice that school isn't so demanding here, because it gives me the flexibility to work whenever. I love living in a city, did I mention that?

I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again today. That movie is damn good! I love it so much. It's genius I tell you! So watch it if you never have. If you are expecting a Jim Carey movie where he makes gross jokes or wears a mask - you might be Alexis' friend was. It sucks watching a movie that you love with someone who isn't enjoying it!

Having a bike is a humbling experience. It seems inevitable that I nearly fall, skid, or stumble at least once a day - and always in front of lots of people. Yesterday I came thisclose to flying off my bike in a skirt. Instead, I just sort of jumped off very *gracefully*...or not so gracefully...

I love Switchfoot. Listening to them right now. I forgot how awesome they are. Learning to Breathe is by far their greatest album. It reminds me of riding the bus to school in KL my junior year. I listened to that CD nearly every morning and never got sick of it! It made me so excited to start my day and energized me. Wow....I'm a dork! I think I overuse exclamation points. I am trying to quit. It was my new years resolution.

I love this new blog. I feel like such a poser calling it a 'blog'. Like I know what a blog even is! It's like some journal online thing. That's all I know. Anyway, I think it's pretty sweet. I just wish I could figure out how to put pictures on here! Let me know if you have any idea.

Alright, I'm out! I need my 8 hours of sleep. :) I really love it. And I love not having class until 11 tomorrow. Yessssssss.

Life's A Beach! =P

girls at the beach!
Originally uploaded by amwangel.
Hmmm....looks like I need to work on my tan a little...Check out how tan these girls are! :-D

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When laying on the beach, I can always watch some sand volleyball if I get bored -->

Poor me...this is what I live with every day!

Originally uploaded by amwangel.
When laying on the beach, I can always watch some sand volleyball if I get bored!

skirts on hot right now

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

9, eh?

You Are the Peacemaker


You are emotionally stable and willing to find common ground with others.

Your friends and family often look to you to be the mediator when there is conflict.

You are easy going and accepting. You take things as they come.

Avoding conflict at all costs, you're content when things are calm.

You're Worth It

Today I was so worthless!

Do you ever have those days where at the beginning of the day - you wake up full of energy and determination that you are going to accomplish SO MUCH? I had my agenda all lined up - I was going to go to classes until 4, stop by church, go to the store, work out, and finish my homework by 11 - just in time to read for awhile before going to bed.

Instead, I skipped my first class because I wanted a nap and couldn't bring myself to bike up that hill that is on the way to school. Pathetic. Then I got home, and my new roommate was upset...because her grandpa I just hung out with her, because she wanted to be distracted. We just talked and laughed and cried....I got to know her a lot better, which is great! She is really sweet and I am glad I could be there for her. It took me WAY too long to finish a little tiny paper - I started many hours ago...again, PATHETIC!

Actually, maybe I shouldn't look at my day in terms of what is on MY agenda. This morning I prayed that God would help me find opportunities to serve others better...and I just realized that that is what today was! I am all disppointed with "not getting anything accomplished,' yet - I did! Maybe it was a successful day after all...maybe not in terms of what I wanted to do...

Darn it! I promised myself that this wouldn't become a 'diary' - just an online journal of what I am doing and so on...I don't really know who will read this, so I want to keep it not too private, ya know?

Anyway, I am out. Time to get some sleep before my classes from 8 until 12:30 tomorrow morning. Ick!

Catching Up on My Life in Honolulu

I decided to start an online journal to update everyone about my adventures and life here in Honolulu, Hawai'i! I've been here for about 2 and 1/2 weeks - and it has been really great! I live in an apartment off-campus (but it's through the University) with 3 roommates - one from Alabama (Shannon from UD!), one from California, and one from Illinois. I get along well with them and we laugh a lot! :) We have a kitchen in our apartment, which I am just loving! I cook a lot - made French toast for breakfast this morning - yum!!

We live in the inner city, pretty ghetto. It's cool though, we are learning to be independent! The other night Brian (Shannon's boyfriend) and I were up at 2:30 am watching the police break up a fight outside our apartment. Yikes! That wouldn't really happen in good ol' VWK! I bought a bike the first week I was here, and it's been amazing!! I ride to school, church, beach, library, gym, and the mall! All us UD kids got bikes, so we are cool together. I figure it's cheaper than buses and taxis (or gas, which is $2.30 per gallon here!), and it gives me exercise!! We even ride wearing skirts - 2 Fridays ago, Shan and I rode to Hard Rock Cafe while everyone else took a taxi; and last Friday, Shan, Marissa, and I all rode in our skirts to Date Street to go out to a club! It's always an adventure!

My classes aren't bad - I'm taking Astronomy (and its lab), Intro to Communications (fulfills my com modules), Philosophy and History of Education (really like that class - awesome teacher!), Environmental Science and its lab (soooo good!), and Statistics. The nice thing is classes are supposed to be easier here (they are so far!) and also, my grades won't transfer - it's pass/fail. Nice, eh?

The weather is great, of course. It's been between 70 and 85 degrees, sometimes it dips down to 65 at night, and we get cold. Ha. Don't kill me. The scenery is also gorgeous - mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. It's so cool that we are one little city in the middle of a HUGE ocean. It means the stars are great at night!

In other news, recently I've been surrounded by people who are grieving lately, and it makes me sad. I only hope that I can be there to listen to them and comfort them...and be whatever they need me to be! All this talk of people dying because of cancer or car accidents or suicide just really makes me scared of the fragility of life...It is such a risk to care deeply about someone, because any minute - they could be taken away. At the same time, it makes me cautiously grateful for what I have. And also makes me want to never take for granted that people know how I feel about them. I am so thankful for the friends and family that the Lord has so graciously given me, and I am surrounded by such amazing people who inspire me to be a better person. I want you all know how much you mean to me... Thank you, I love you guys!