Tuesday, January 25, 2005

You're Worth It

Today I was so worthless!

Do you ever have those days where at the beginning of the day - you wake up full of energy and determination that you are going to accomplish SO MUCH? I had my agenda all lined up - I was going to go to classes until 4, stop by church, go to the store, work out, and finish my homework by 11 - just in time to read for awhile before going to bed.

Instead, I skipped my first class because I wanted a nap and couldn't bring myself to bike up that hill that is on the way to school. Pathetic. Then I got home, and my new roommate was upset...because her grandpa died....so I just hung out with her, because she wanted to be distracted. We just talked and laughed and cried....I got to know her a lot better, which is great! She is really sweet and I am glad I could be there for her. It took me WAY too long to finish a little tiny paper - I started many hours ago...again, PATHETIC!

Actually, maybe I shouldn't look at my day in terms of what is on MY agenda. This morning I prayed that God would help me find opportunities to serve others better...and I just realized that that is what today was! I am all disppointed with "not getting anything accomplished,' yet - I did! Maybe it was a successful day after all...maybe not in terms of what I wanted to do...

Darn it! I promised myself that this wouldn't become a 'diary' - just an online journal of what I am doing and so on...I don't really know who will read this, so I want to keep it not too private, ya know?

Anyway, I am out. Time to get some sleep before my classes from 8 until 12:30 tomorrow morning. Ick!

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mighk said...

ashley, good reflection. i just wanted to post a comment so i could be a cool kid. prayers are with you always!!!