Sunday, February 06, 2005

Deflowering A Starbucks Virgin (and other updates)

Wow, it's been a few days. Here's a quick rundown of the rest of my week:

Thursday: My first class was cancelled, then I had a Stats test. I went to Wal Mart with Marissa, and at night went with Rachel to Starbucks. It was her first time ever going to a Starbucks. It was fun! I love Starbucks. It's such a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, and it's yummy! Rachel and I talked a lot, it was really nice. She was a good date, I'll have to ask her out again. :-P

Friday: Skipped Astronomy, went to Communications. Stayed in, everyone else went to "On Stage," a local little bar. I went to a Mexican restaurant with my roommate, Marissa, and we watched part of Finding Nemo and Underworld. Weird movie about vampires...Also talked to Mike for a long time. :) Oh, and my room was the neatest it has ever been! *Yawn* Being too neat is boring. haha

Major update: I am about 75% sure that I will be switching my major, probably to dietetics and nutrition. I want to help people learn the importance of and how to eat healthier; especially pregnant and nursing women, the obese, and kids! I have been emailing the Advisor at UD for dietetics, and she has been a big help. Tomorrow I will hopefully call some dietitians to talk to them about the job...So if you guys could pray for my guidance in this decision, I would really appreciate it!!

Hanauma Bay
Me at Hanuama Bay

Yesterday (Saturday): Camping Club (okay, so it's not *really* a club, we're all just friends who pretend like we're a club so we can get a van) went to Hanauma Bay, which is a really pretty bay, popular for snorkeling! It's also a nature preserve, so there are a lot of rules. It was nice, a little crowded, but I'm starting to not mind the crowded beaches as much. After Sam endangered our lives by driving like a maniac, the girls went to Hanauma Bay, and the boys went to a different beach with big waves to go body-boarding. We snorkeled a little, but I didn't enjoy it all that much. It was hard because my goggles kept getting water in them, which really stung my contacts! I did see some cool fish though!

Shannon, Brian, Me, and Marissa

Pirate Party: On Saturday night, we went to a Pirates and Wenches party on top of a huge mountain! It was a cool place, the stars looked amazing from up there. My roommate Alexis and her boyfriend just got a car, so she drove us to where we thought the party way. She's so sweet! Anyway, we ended up at this house on top of a mountain...long story short, we went inside, even though no one was home...We pet their dog and looked around a little. We found a flyer for the party at their house and called the number...It turned out they were having the party not at their house, but at some big room...I don't know what the heck it was. So we finally get to the party, and wow! Shannon and I kept saying that we felt like Lindsay Lohan in "Mean Girls" at that Halloween party. Let's just say I didn't realize that wenches were like lingerie models!! :-P It was an okay party, it was more fun because the girls were there. It was so scandalous though! Then the Homeowner's Association or something called the cops, so we all had to leave. Shannon, Brian, and I ended up walking a mile straight down the mountain. It was a nice walk, really pretty and not cold! (Okay, so our butts and calves were hurting...but we saved money!)

Why I didn't post earlier:
I actually did write a really long post a few days ago, but it all got deleted. It frustrated me, because now all those thoughts are gone! I guess the important part was that I got them out, not that other people can see them...

Why I am mad at myself: I have barely done any homework this past week and I skipped 3 classes. Plus, I only went to the beach one day. Shame on me!

What I am going to do now: Figure out how much an imaginary planet weighs, dream about moving UD to Honolulu, and eat ice cream.


Anonymous said...


I am taking some dietetics class right now, and I love them! I was thinking about switching, but for now, I'm still planning on medical school! The dietetics program here is great though!

Good luck!

Holly L.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I have some of the books if you need them...let me know next semester! ;)