Monday, March 19, 2007

panic attack slash jubilation

cute, slobbery cousin :)


Spring Break has come and gone, and my life is still going full speed! It was a wonderfully relaxing 10 days with Michael, chock full of wedding planning - registering at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond, tuxedo rental shopping, checking out caterers, showing Mike's parents what we (okay, my mom) have planned, and figuring out invitations, and blah blah stuff.

We also had some adventures, like getting our engagement pictures taken (we were not able to stop laughing as the photographer made us look into each other's eyes...:) - then my little sister called to say her battery died while she was in class. So we left the mall to go help her jump her battery at her college - 45 minutes later, we left (with a newfound respect for my mom - she's such a handy woman!). We got home to little brother-caused toxic fumes from a 9x13" Tupperware completely melted in the oven. He didn't look before preheating the oven for his frozen pizza. So he and Mike spent a long time chiseling the plastic-coated racks. The next few days, the house was filled with these awful fumes every time the oven was turned on. When Anthony's friends came over for the day, they ate under the table to avoid the fumes. I got so dizzy I had to go down into the basement. That's really healthy.

Chipping away
anthony loves his new big brother.

Mike finally finished his Masters' practicum. YAY!!! He had to print out all 70 or so pages of it - he did a men's group and a thesis on men's spirituality. Very cool. Very glad it's all over! Although going through the binder reminded me of all those Mondays last semester that I spent helping type and copy to prepare for his group. Good memories. :) I really miss having him around. (Mushy, sorry!)

he loves when i take his picture.

It was great getting to spend time with family. I love them a whole lot, even though they can be crazy. Anthony (computer-obsessed brother) created Sims characters of Mike and I, and spent the week trying to increase their levels of attraction for one another. I am happy to announce that our Sims are now engaged. :) He also followed Mike around like a puppy - reading jokes ( like yo momma's so fat that when she goes to the movies she sits next to everyone...and my personal favorite: two cows were grazing in the field. one cow said to the other "you know, i'm really worried about this mad cow disease." the other responded, "why should i care? i am a helicopter. whee!" ha! it's hilarious!) and begging him to recite episodes from The Simpsons.

In all, it was a ton of fun and great to see him. :) I have lots of things I need to work on - less than 50 days till we graduate!!!! AH! {panic attack slash jubilation} Peace out.

diva teen
pretty much sums up Emmie's latest diva-attitude teenage girl stage. it's fun.

i like him. (ignore how pale i am. is it summer yet?)


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