Thursday, February 15, 2007

back to the blog. back to reality.

in an effort to use less energy, i'm going to be online less, so i'll blog more. :)

the good:

- the kitchen is sparkling clean!
- business ethics class was canceled AGAIN. (which means i had a total of 5 out of 12 classes this week)
- KATIE DUDEK is coming tomorrow (to hang out AND to rock out her interview!!)
- 3 weeks from tomorrow = MICHAEL

the bad:
- trying to park the car in snow drifts, spinning out like crazy. can't wait till 50's next week. geesh.
- a HUGE raccoon on Irving. huge, people. so big and rabid-looking it required the police to come and....stand around watching it. hmm.
- i reallllly miss this from two years ago:

Just Waikiki


now, all i have is this:

the ugly:
- my right eyeball. more specifically, the right half of my right eyeball. it's beautifully red and irritated. yummy, huh?
- appointment with the death center tomorrow!

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