Saturday, September 10, 2005

Schoooool Already??

Well, well, well.

I'll just pretend like it hasn't been more than FOUR MONTHS!!! since I've updated this lovely journal.

Some things to know (in no order of importance):
1)I am back at Dayton for the school year and SO glad about it!
2) My house is awesome, as are my housemates
3) My computer has a new hard drive
4) I must have a boring life if #3 is important to know
5) 9/11 is our one-year 'anniversary'!
6) my family is probably moving back to America at Christmas
7) I am working at Stuart again
8) I need to be better at keeping in touch...
9) I spent the summer babysitting 6 adorable children, and going on vacation to New York, South Carolina, and North Carolina with them
10) I bought a ticket to go to London for Thanksgiving Break yesterday. yay!

I am pretty darn happy right now. :)

mike and me

Me and Marian

my cousin and I

Maria, Ry, Me

two of the kids I babysat for

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