Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Where do I even begin?

It's been almost two months since I last wrote in here, because my computer broke. I had an awesome last two months in Hawaii.

Some of the highlights included:
* Kat visiting over Spring Break (Pearl Harbor, Swap Meet, lots of bus riding, lots of eating out, hiking Diamond Head)
* skydiving with Shannon
* running my first 5K with Shannon, Vicky, and Jon (Vicky's brother)
* going to the Chaminade Ball with Marissa, then riding the bus and going to the dollar movies all dressed up!
* running with the Niketown Running Club!
* my roommate getting married, getting a dog and continuing to live with us...yeah...
* watching '50 First Dates' on the beach
* going to Kahala Beach with Marissa and watching kite surfing
* Mai Tais at On Stage

Now I'm back in Malaysia with my family! *minus Tara, who's coming on Saturday*

Mother's Day was hilarious. We definitely tried to make it special...we just kind of failed!

Our itinerary for the evening (given to my mom on a colorfully decorated card...):
4-4:15: entertainment
4:15-5: board game of your choice (she chose the math game '24'...and yes, we played.)
5:30: leave for mass
6-7: mass at Assumption
7-8:30: dinner at Marmalade, a health restaurant
8:30-9: dessert at Baskin Robbins, a unhealthy restaurant :-P

Entertainment was provided by Mel, Em, Anth, and I. Picture this: Indian dancing to some Indian music because my mom thinks Bollywood is so cool.  Anth comes on stage and  says "Guys, that is NOTHING like Bollywood!" (it isn't). So we proceed to do a cheerleading routine, complete with cartwheels and a song about Mom to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club theme song.  Yeah, we cracked up laughing in the middle and couldn't finish. It was great.  I was like "Wow. I'm 20 years old".  Emmie told me that it's cool that I can act like a little kid, though. So if Emmie thinks I'm cool, who cares?

After mass, we felt like failures, so we decided to express our love in a group hug. The plan was that Anthony would initiate it and the rest of us would follow. Somehow, it ended up like a group Hemlich Manauver. Sorry about that, Mom. After that was good.   We to a really cool restaurant and I got a grilled eggplant and tomato with hummus sandwich.  Mmmmm!

Yesterday, I ran for 4 miles on the treadmill downstairs and thought I was going to die of bordem. I wish it wasn't so dangerous and humid here! It's like 105 in the middle of the day. Ick! And I'm not really allowed to go running alone anyway, because there are lots of construction men. Not to be like stereotypical, but Malaysian men are really, really different...as in if you walk by them, they will make kissy noises and hollar at you. Ick. Plus, rapings are pretty prevalant here. Needless to say, I don't WANT to go running outside alone!! So it kind of sucks that I either lose my progress in running or I get bored and run in place in a little tiny room. Eh, I guess I'll just have to be bored! :-P

I will be doing a lot of substitute teaching with my mom while I am here, so that will be excellent, because it will give me a better idea of what I am getting into! Also, we will be doing different grades, so I will be able to see if I really like K-3 the best. I was looking at my mom's subsitute lesson plan from a 2nd grade teacher and she has to plan out every minute of her day! Whew. And she also put "Keep reminding them to _____" (turn in homework, sign attendance sheet, etc.) I THOUGHT patience was one of my gifts, but maybe not! Yikes...

My mom's ring tone on her phone is Anthony saying "Mom, pick up your phone! You better pick up your phone or it will become a missed call! Pick it up! It's in your bag!"


Okay, time to get going. Today is PE for middle schoolers.

Oh yeah, for once, I'm the tannest one in my family!! Yess.....Except because of all that sun, I got a cold sore on my lip. :-( Ouch and ew.

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Katie said...

Ashley--it's official...you DEFINITELY have the most amazing family in the whole world!!!! After reading this I wish so much that my family was more like yours...you guys all have so much fun and are just so COOL!!! Your mother's day sounds like it was great, i'm sure your mom loved it!!! :)

i miss you guys so much--can't wait until MAY 31!!! :)