Wednesday, October 12, 2005

40 facts

I wrote this while I was in Hawaii, but never posted it...

it's actually pretty hard to think of 40 random things! Enjoy :)

  1. I like only the red skittles
  2. I eat only white conversation hearts
  3. Buttered popcorn is my favorite jelly belly
  4. I love when people call me Ash
  5. When I as little, I was teased by being called “ash tray”
  6. I didn’t know my dad had a twin until I was in 4th grade
  7. I chose my confirmation name because I wanted to be like Elizabeth Wakefield in Sweet Valley Twins
  8. I always felt that my personality was more defined when I had distinct likes and dislikes.
  9. Red is my favorite color.
  10. I’ve been told many times that I look like Piper from the TV show “Charmed’
  11. I’ve also been told many times that I look like I’m 12, or in middle school, or in high school.
  12. I crashed a go kart and twisted my lateral meniscus in my knee
  13. I broke lots of crucibles in high school chemistry
  14. My first ever CD was the Spice Girls’ single “Stop”
  15. I eat only the red Sprees
  16. I am the oldest of 20 grandchildren on my mom’s side
  17. I am the oldest of 5 children
  18. I’ve been to 16 airports outside of the States
  19. My favorite movie as a child was The Neverending Story
  20. I have never gone to the same school for more than 3 consecutive years.
  21. I got my belly button pierced without my parents knowing…I took it out and they still don’t know
  22. I was always the shortest one in my class in elementary school
  23. I ran track for one year and hated it with a passion
  24. I am pro-adoption
  25. I am a bargain shopper
  26. I lose everything, including 5 school IDs, 2 drivers licenses, and a credit card
  27. Zack was my favorite member of Hanson
  28. I don’t have a favorite TV show
  29. My three best girl friends are all red heads
  30. I am a family person. Big time.
  31. My dad has 13 siblings and my mom has 7. That doesn’t include spouses.
  32. I was named after a man
  33. I like change…change of pace, change of location, change of major
  34. I don’t like changing friends
  35. I am fascinated by serial killers
  36. I love roller coasters
  37. I was prom queen
  38. I don’t really care about #37
  39. I am horribly passive and go to extremes to avoid confrontation
  40. I want to go to jail once in my life

me with dominic

My newest cousin Dominic! Born August 31st, 5.5 lbs

alex glasses

My two-year-old godson (and cousin) with his new glasses :)

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