Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Walk This Way

Much has been going on!

Leany is off and married in Houston, my wedding is increasingly closer (invites almost all sent! tuxedos picked! shower in 2 weeks! registry finished! etc!) and I am surprisingly getting into all of this planning stuff. Black and white, calla lilies and a little burgundy/red wine-ish are the themes of the wedding. Along with love, sustainability and all things FUN!! :) Being at Eileen's wedding actually made me super excited for me and Mike's wedding. (side note: There is no really great way to word that. Let's review our options, shall we? Mike and I's, Me and Mike's, I and Mike's, Mike and Me''s been a problem when trying to word this. I generally stick with Our Wedding or My Wedding but that just sounds selfish. Anyway...I just had to vent. It's been bugging me.)

Tomorrow marks my first task as the newly appointed Americorps VISTA for Ohio Campus Compact. A conference call at 11:30 am. I'm so so sooo excited to be a part of such a wonderful organization. Idealistic organizations RULE! Plus, I'll get to hang out with kids. :)

Guess what?! Mike is arriving Saturday, June 30th at 9 am. AHHH!!! The 11 month long distance relationship is almost over... It's about freaking time! : ) Can I just say - I am so excited for the future! This month will be full of family and fun, then Mike comes, then family trip to San Francisco, then job training in Chicago, then moving into the apartment in Dayton, then starting my job! Then getting married, then a wonderful honeymoon in New England (full of bed and breakfasts, farms, Ben and Jerrys, and so much more...) *sigh* :)

amy, jamie, me, and craig rocking out at leany's wedding. so. much. fun!

aren't my friends beautiful? i love them

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alyndabear said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all.. and it's good to see you back and posting!

How exciting.. I want to hear ALL about the wedding plans! :)